Girls Snap It Shirt

This Girls Snap It Shirt is designed to provide a perfect fit and maximum comfort while remaining adaptive. The hidden snaps on both arms span...

Girls Zip Up Skinny Jeans

The perfect dark denim skinny jean for girls. The 2 way zippers allows can unzip from under the waistband to the bottom of the...

Side-Zip Hoodie

This clean and stylish hoodie is made with every cool kid in mind. The zippered sleeves are designed to be sleek in detail with...

Side-Zip Sweat Shorts

These shorts are perfect for quick no-fuss mornings. Both the left and right side have dual discrete zipper feature that makes them easy to...

Side-Zip Sweatpants

Sweatpants and jeans can be some of the hardest things to find that will fit comfortably over leg casts, prosthetics, fixators, etc. These sweatpants...

Snap Me Up Boxers

These boxers have a side snap detail for easy put-on and take-off. Works especially well over hip, upper leg, or knee prosthetics and fixators...

Snapped T-Shirt

Snap Sleeve detailing is not only trendy, but also functional.  Shirt has hidden snaps that span from collar line to end of the sleeve...

Tear Away Pants

There are snaps that span the whole length of each leg allowing for easy adjustment of casts and prosthetics, or to fit around external...

Zip Up Jean Shorts

A staple on warm days. These shorts feature high quality material with a straight leg fit. There is slight stretch in the material to...

Zip Up Jeans

Jeans are a staple in just about everyone’s closets and that shouldn’t change just because of a leg, knee or hip injury/disability. We believe...

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children who have physical handicaps, disabilities and sensory sensitivity functional and quality clothing no matter what. We believe that being disabled doesn’t have to hold you back from wearing what the other kids wear and feeling your best. We acknowledge that disabilities are real but strive to help disabled children feel “normal” on even the most difficult days.
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